Benefits of Non-Clumping Cat Litter

When you are deciding on the best type of cat litter for you and your pet, one of the first choices that you will have to make is whether to use clumping or non-clumping cat litter.

Traditionally, many cat owners have preferred clumping litters such as bentonite clay litters, but non-clumping cat litters such as wood pellet cat litter, silica cat litter and paper cat litter are increasing in popularity.

The main difference between clumping and non-clumping cat litters is that the litter absorbs the moisture instead of forming into clumps.

So with such a wide choice of litters now available, many cat owners are asking:

What are the benefits of non-clumping cat litter?

1. Absorbency

One of the main benefits of non-clumping cat litter is that it is usually very absorbent. This is especially true of wood pellet cat litter, where the natural elements of the wood can quite often absorb a large amount of moisture.

This is also true of silica cat litter, which comprises of large, solid granules of sodium silicate. These granules are super absorbent, so they absorb a lot of moisture and some manufacturers of silica cat litter claim that you will only need to completely change the tray a couple of times a month!

2. Ease of use

In general, trays of non-clumping cat litters will not need to be changed as often as clumping cat litter and they are also easy to use as it is simple to change the tray and dispose of the litter.

Some wood pellet cat litters can be deposited onto the compost heap, which will reduce the amount of waste and is also good for the environment.

It is also possible to flush some non-clumping cat litters down the toilet, and one of the leading brand is World’s Best Cat Litter. Although this is technically classed as a clumping cat litter, the clumps do disintegrate when they come into moisture for a second time making it possible to flush them.

3. Masks the smell

Wood pellet cat litter is a natural product, so this does help to mask and reduce the smells associated with cat litter.

The pellets can usually hold the ammonia smell quite well, and many litters are now scented. Although this can help to reduce the smell further, be careful when using scented cat litters as a strong scent can put your cat off from using the litter tray completely.

4. Dust free

Although it is almost impossible to find a completely dust free cat litter, some non-clumping cat litter such as paper cat litter will contain a lot less dust than traditional clumping litters.

Dust free cat litters are very good for cats that may have respiratory problems, and there are some excellent options available such as Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter.

We have reviewed several types of non-clumping cat litter on this website, including Breeder Celect cat litter, Catsan Hygiene Litter and Pettex Pampuss just to name a few.

As with all aspects of finding the best cat litter, you may need to experiment with a few different brands and types of litter before you find one that you and your cat are happy with!