World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter


The World's Best Cat Litter Clumping FormulaBuy now  £14.99 (6.35kg)


There are many brands of cat litter available in the market, but one of the most consistently popular is World’s Best Cat Litter.

This cat litter gets fantastic reviews and it is named as if it does the business – so does the reality of The World’s Best Cat Litter live up to the hype?


Advantages of World’s Best Cat Litter

The litter is made from organic, whole kernel corn and this has several advantages over other types of litter.

Ease of use – The litter is easy to use as it is a clumping litter, so this means that the corn kernels clump together when they come into contact with moisture.

The litter forms strong and easy to scoop clumps which can then be disposed of, which is an advantage as some cheaper scooping litters will disintegrate more easily.

Organic material – As it is made from natural materials, the World’s Best Cat Litter is good for your cat and doesn’t pose any sort of danger to their health or to your well being.

Although no cat litter is completely dust free, this is as close as you will get and there are no harmful clays or dust reducing agents for your cat to ingest.

This litter would also be suitable for kittens who may be liable to ingest litter when they are in the tray. Read more about litter training for kittens.

Odour control – The large surface area of the corn means that it can effectively trap odours and limit the amount of smell produced by the litter tray. Again, it is impossible to completely remove odours from cat litter – but the World’s Best Cat Litter does a very good job!

Tracking – this is an important factor as it can be very unhygienic for litter to stick to the cat’s paws while it is in the tray.

Flushable – We have covered flushable cat litter in another post, and this litter is one of the leading brands of flushable cat litter.

The clumps from the litter tray will disintegrate again when they come into contact with the water in the toilet, so they can be safely flushed away.

Disadvantages of World’s Best Cat Litter

Cost – It is difficult to find a problem with the performance and safety of World’s Best Cat Litter, but one disadvantage is the cost.

This is not the cheapest cat litter on the market, but as with anything in life you will get what you pay for so even if it is more expensive than some other brands or cheaper, value options the benefits of performance should outweigh the extra price.

It has also been found that the litter at the bottom the litter tray can turn dusty after several scoopings. However, as with any cat litter, it is recommend to completely change the litter tray on a regular basis so if this does happen it is probably time to reload with some fresh kernels.


The World’s Best Cat Litter is available in just two different varieties which are Original formula and Extra Strength.

The Original Formula offers all of the features mentioned above, while Extra Strength offers a harder clumping, natural litter that is particularly suitable for households with multiple cats as it offers stronger odour control. As the Extra Strength litter forms larger clumps, then it cannot be flushed like Original Formula.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is available in several different sizes, but the best value available is currently a 6.35kg bag for £14.99. This should last 2-3 months for a single cat, providing fantastic value for one of the consistently best performing litters in the market!

Dust free cat litter

Dust free cat litter is often requested by cat owners. This might be because your cat suffers from respiratory conditions or allergies, or you just may not want to have dust from the litter tray spread around the house on your cats paws.

Cats will often stir up the litter when they are using the tray, and this may release dust that can reach their lungs and exaggerate any problems that the cat may have.

It is therefore essential to minimise the amount of dust if your cat suffers from these problems, and although it is almost impossible to find a litter that is completely free of dust there are some excellent brands available that come very close.

Best dust free cat litter

World’s Best Cat Litter

The World's Best Cat Litter Clumping FormulaBuy now £14.99 (6.35kg)


The best dust free cat litters will be made from natural materials, and one excellent option is World’s Best Cat Litter. This litter is made from whole kernel corn, and it is a clumping litter which means that the litter forms into easily disposable clumps on contact with moisture.

World’s Best Cat Litter is natural, so it has many benefits and it is one of the most popular and best- selling brands of cat litter in the market.

It is an excellent option for cats which may suffer from the afore mentioned respiratory problems and it is safe and environmentally friendly.

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter

Pettex Premium Grey Cat LitterBuy now £6.80  (10kg)


This is a great alternative for a dust free cat litter, and differs  from World’s Best Cat Litter as it is made from pure grey fullers earth which occurs in natural clay deposits. It is also less expensive!

This means it has many of the benefits of a clumping litter but without the dust and environmental cost of more traditional clay based litters.

The original formula of this litter means that it is virtually dust free, and the natural minerals used in the product also help to limit odours.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter

Breeder Celect Cat LitterBuy now £8.29 (10 litres)


Other types of natural cat litter will be worth considering, especially paper cat litter options such as Breeder Celect Cat Litter.

This litter consists of compressed cylindrical pellets, and is made from 99% recycled paper. This means that it is very environmentally friendly, as the pellets are biodegradable and easy to dispose of.


As well as being a dust free cat litter, Breeder Celect pellets are also free from toxins so it is safe for kittens as well as cats with respiratory problems.

Breeder Celect cat litter makes an excellent choice for a dust free cat litter and is available for £8.29 in a 10 litre pack. Larger packs of 20 and 30 litres are also available, and are often better value.

Litters to avoid

All cat litters mentioned above are made from natural materials, so although they may be slightly more expensive they will be a much better option than traditional clumping litters if you are looking for the best dust free option.

These types of litters will often include bentonite clay and so they are best avoided if you don’t want your cat to inhale the dust.

It is also recommended to avoid these type of clumping clay based litters for kittens, as not only can the dust they may inhale be harmful to them they are more likely to ingest some of the litter while in the tray.

The amount of dust in the cat litter you use is one consideration when you are looking for the best cat litter, and it will generally be better for your cat’s health to use a litter that is as dust free as possible.

It may be worth trying a few different types of litter until you find something your cat is most comfortable with.

Changing cat litter

The task of changing cat litter is one that nobody enjoys, however it is an essential part of looking after your cat and keeping your home clean and tidy.

How often should I be changing cat litter?

The frequency that you will need to change the cat litter will depend upon several different factors, and the most important of these is the type of cat litter that you are using.

Changing clumping cat litter

If your cat prefers clumping cat litter, then you should be scooping the clumps of used litter out of the tray as soon as possible, so this will probably end up being a couple of times a day. You should then completely change the litter and thoroughly clean out the litter box at least once every couple of weeks.

Changing non-clumping cat litter

A non-clumping cat litter such as wood pellet cat litter or silica cat litter does not require as much maintenance, as the litter will absorb the moisture and it does not need to be changed every day.

A tray of good quality non-clumping cat litter can last up to a week, although if the tray is left for much longer than this it can become quite unpleasant for the cat. Silica cat litter will need to be changed less frequency than wood pellet cat litter as it is more absorbent.

It is recommended that you clean your litter tray as thoroughly as possible, as this will help to keep your cat in the best of health and also means they won’t become discouraged from using the litter try. Make sure you don’t use bleach as this can be toxic for cats.

A concern of some cat owners associated with changing cat litter is regarding how to dispose of the used litter. This will also vary according to the type of litter than has been used and we have covered this subject in a separate post about cat litter disposal.

Changing cat litter when pregnant

If you are pregnant, or planning to conceive then it is highly recommended that you don’t help out with changing cat litter.

This is because cat faeces can contain a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis infection, and this can be very harmful to your unborn baby.

If there really isn’t anyone else that can help out with changing cat litter, then you should use disposable rubber gloves and thoroughly wash your hands afterwards. You should also use gloves when gardening, even if you don’t have a cat as there could be faeces present in the soil.

The most important thing to consider when changing cat litter is to make sure that the litter tray stays clean and attractive for the cat to use. Apply common sense and change the tray if there is a build up of waste or the litter has become saturated, and remember to keep the area around the litter tray as clean and private for the cat as well.


Best self cleaning litter box

There is no doubt about it, changing cat litter and cleaning out the litter box is a chore that no-one really enjoys. It has to be done to keep your house free of germs, and it makes the litter box much more appealing for the cat but it is never a very appealing prospect at any time of the day!

One way to take much of the hassle out of changing cat litter is to use a self cleaning litter box. These devices make cleaning up after your cat much easier, and can also provide a comfortable environment for your pet.

Benefits of a self cleaning litter box

Self cleaning litter boxes have developed a lot over the last few years, so the best models are now quiet, efficient and are designed to blend in nicely with your home.

More hygienic

Self cleaning litter boxes are healthy and more hygienic as the litter is hidden out of sight and disposed of very quickly. This means there are fewer unpleasant odours, and the waste is not lying around for small children or other animals to investigate.

Saves time and money

Although some cleaning and maintenance will still be necessary, the best self cleaning litter boxes are now so efficient that you will most likely find you end up using less litter than with a normal tray. You will also spend less time scooping used litter into bags.

Privacy for your cat

Many self cleaning litter boxes are designed with a hood, or cover so this provides a private place and a homely environment for your cat. Many boxes are also nicely designed to blend in with your home.

They come in all shapes and sizes, so we have reviewed some of the most popular models below to help you with your choice of the best self cleaning litter box.

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Petsafe ScoopFree litter tray Buy now  £159


The ScoopFree Ultra is one of the best rated self cleaning litter boxes available, using advanced technology to help dispose of the waste.

The litter box includes sensors that can tell when the cat has used the litter tray, and 20 minutes after the cat leaves the tray the automatic rake system will sweep the waste into a covered compartment that can then be disposed of.

It uses special crystal litter in a disposable tray, and the 20 minute delay means that the waste will dry out before the rake system kicks into action. It dehydrates and shrinks solid waste, and you will not have to use scoops or handle the waste at all.

The crystal litter is low tracking and uses less litter than a standard tray, however you will need to replace the tray every few weeks (which can get expensive).

This is a fantastic self cleaning litter box with a quiet but efficient motor, and the Ultra version also includes a special hood for privacy for the cat.

OurPets Smart Scoop Litter Box


OurPets SmartScoop litter box Buy now  £115


The SmartScoop Litter box also uses an automatic raking system which disposes of the litter 15 minutes after the cat has finished using the box.

This means it is easy to dispose of the waste, with a No-Touch waste bag so you don’t need to touch the soiled litter before throwing it away. This also helps to reduce odours from the waste.

The SmartScoop Litter Box is very flexible and can be used with any clumping litter, and it also does not need replacement trays this means it will be cheaper to maintain than the PetSafe Litter Box.

The product is equipped with enough carbon filters and waste bags to last for the first few months, and a litter catching mat is also included.

There are various other automatic litter boxes available such as the popular Cat Genie, which uses litter-like washable granules and automatically flushes waste and cleans itself almost like a normal toilet.

Before making your purchase you will need to be sure that your cat will adapt to a self cleaning litter box, as well as ensuring you are making the best choice for your budget and general lifestyle.


Cat Litter Mat

Another accessory to consider when you are choosing the best cat litter to use is a cat litter mat.

A common problem with cat litter is ‘tracking’, which occurs when some of the litter becomes stuck to the cats paws after they have used the tray and is then trailed around the house.

Litter can also come out of the tray when cats dig to cover their waste. This can result in a lot of mess and an unhygienic and unpleasant area around the tray. It is also not unknown for cats to sometimes miss the litter tray.

A simple solution to these problems is a cat litter mat, as these mats keep the area around the litter tray clean and tidy as well as being designed to extract litter from the cats paws.

A good cat litter mat will be comfortable for your cat to step on, be easy to clean and help to capture the litter from accidents and from tracking. We have also found that large cat litter mats can do a more effective job, as litter can spread a surprising distance beyond the reach of smaller mats.

Best Cat Litter Mat

Some of the best cat litter mats currently available are:

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Buy now  £14.97


The extra large Easyology Cat Litter Mat is top of our list of recommendations for several reasons. Firstly, it is a really good size and measures 90cm x 60cm, so this means it is big enough to catch the litter being tracked out of the tray and will protect your floor.


This mat includes deep grooves which catch any litter trapped in the paws, and it is made from durable PVC plastic so it is water resistant and easy to clean with a vacuum or by shaking.

It provides a soft and comfortable surface for the cat, and the thickness of the mat can withstand sharp claws and frequent use.

This mat is so large it can also be used as a doormat, and it is available in several different colours to suit the décor of your home. It is currently unavailable but usually priced around £15.


Pets N All Super Size Cat Litter Mat

Pets N All Super Size Cat Litter Mat

Buy now  £11.99


A similar size mat is on offer from Pets N All, which is also made from PVC and consists of flexible fibres which help to trap the litter. There is also an outer channel which helps to prevent litter escaping off the mat.

This mat is available in cream, and will help to keep the area around the litter tray clean and tidy as it will fit under any size of litter tray and the underside of the mat is non slip. This is another great option for a large cat litter mat.



Petz Cat Litter Mat with Paw Prints

Petz Cat Litter Mat with paws

Buy now  £4.99


This is a smaller mat which measures 40cm x 30cm, so it is ideal to place outside the doorway of your litter tray rather than underneath a larger tray.

We like this mat because of the cute design of the paws tracking across them mat, although it will also do a good job of trapping the litter as it is made from a tough and durable material.

This mat is slightly less expensive at £4.99, and will brighten up the area around the litter tray as well as keeping it tidy and hygienic.

There are many more options of cat litter mats available, and plenty of other things to consider including the size and location of the litter tray in your house.

However, it is well worth investing in a good quality mat for all of the reasons listed above – especially if it helps to stop the spread of litter around your home.


Yesterday’s News Cat Litter

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is an alternative option for cat owners, as it is a paper cat litter made from recycled materials such as newspapers, corrugated cardboard and reclaimed industrial sawdust.

This means that it is great for the environment, and as the pellets expand to absorb up to three times the amount of moisture compared to a traditional cat litter you will also use less of it. This will save you money as well as helping the planet.

Yesterday’s News Original Formula

Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Yesterday’s News cat litter is provided in two different products, with the first being the Original Formula. This cat litter is really easy to use, as you can see which pellets need replacing and it also scoops out easily.

Other benefits of this litter are that it is non-toxic, so it is not dangerous if the cat or kitten ingests any of the pellets. Kittens in particular are prone to doing this, so this is a much better option than some litter such as a silica cat litter.

Yesterday’s News Original Formula cat litter is soft on cat’s paws, and although you may get some tracking you should find that most of the litter remains within the box.

Another difference with clay litter is that urine is absorbed from the bottom of the litter tray, so it is advised to keep the amount of pellets fairly shallow so that it is not too difficult to find and remove the soiled litter.

This litter is currently available for around £22 for a 13.6kg bag.

Yesterday’s News Softer Texture

The Softer Texture cat litter from Yesterday’s News has all of the benefits of the Original Formula, but with the main difference being that it is made with softer texture pellets.

This means that it feels more like regular clay, so if you are thinking of making the transition from a traditional clay litter to a paper litter then this would be a very good option as the difference in texture and materials is not as great.

There is also a scented option available for the Softer Texture litter (the Original Formula is unscented), but it is still tough on odours and is designed to be low tracking.

As with all cat litters, you need to make sure that your cat will be comfortable using the litter as well as considering the environmental and other benefits that Yesterday’s News Cat Litter provides.

Although paper cat litters will not be suitable for all cats, Yesterday’s News cat litter is a fantastic option and one of the leading cat litters of this type if you think that your cat would prefer a paper litter, especially with the option of the Softer Texture available.

Paper Cat Litter

Paper cat litter is one of the many options you will come across when looking for the best litter for your cat.

This litter type contains pellets or granules of recycled paper, so it is great for the environment as well as having a whole host of other benefits.

Note that cat litters are not one-size-fits-all as you have to get one that is appropriate for your pet. Some factors like ease of cleaning, safety, and price will help you select a pet litter. With so many brands of cat litter, it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of information on how to select one. You first need to know what to expect from the cat litter you get.

Paper Cat Litter Benefits

These types of cat litters have several advantages, one of which is that they are dust free. When selecting a cat litter, the amount of dust it produces will matter greatly.

If you or your cat has respiratory conditions or allergies, then you have to keep your home free from dust, and this cat litter makes that possible.

This litter type is soft on cat paws, which is ideal for animals with recent surgical wounds or for a cat with declawed paws that requires soft surfaces. The use of recycled newspapers is good for the environment, and this leads to a lack of fragrance which is a big advantage as some cats may refuse to use a scented litter box.

Cons of paper cat litter

One of the cons that cat litters have is that they don’t clump. A litter that does not clump allows urine to stay where it is and makes it hard to scoop.

Recycled paper pellets are not flushable, so you cannot dispose of the litter in the toilet as you can with other types of flushable cat litter. It is also not advisable to compost this type of cat litter.

Best Paper Cat litters

Bio-Catolet Paper Cat Litter

Bio Catolet Cat litterBuy now   £13.57 (25 litres)


Bio-Catolet is one of the leading brands of this cat litter in the market. It contains absorbent granules from pressed waste paper, and that makes it 100% biodegradable. The pellets are very hygienic, which is always a concern for cat owners. It also prevents insect infestations and bacterial growth.

Bio-Catolet is dust-free and offers a surface that is smooth for cat’s paws and ideal for finicky cats. The litter is lightweight making it easy to transport. You can dispose of it in a trash bin or incinerate it. This cat litter is durable, which gives you good value for money.

Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter

Yesterday's News Cat LitterPurina’s Yesterday’s News is arguably the most popular cat litter among cat owners. The litter contains moisture-locking, low tracking pellets. Tracking is a common problem with cat litters; and so, reducing it offers a major advantage. Its absorbency is better than that of clay litters and it also provides excellent odour control.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is 99.7% dust-free, which is perfect for cats with respiratory and urinal tract infections. It also makes it safe for use for asthmatic people. The cat litter does not have added scents. Yesterday’s News is safe for cats and other small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It is not toxic in cases of accidental ingestion.

When choosing a cat litter, practice caution and consider what your pet prefers. Reading objective reviews online will aid in making comparisons of the best brands of cat litter on the market.

Cat litter disposal

Keeping a cat is fun, and all but you should know how to properly take care of it. Cat litter disposal is one element that you have to learn if you intend to get a cat. Leaving cat litter lying around will result in bad odour and an unhealthy environment for the occupants of the house, including the cat. For some people, it may seem easy enough when they just have to dispose the waste into a dust bin but is not always possible, especially if you use community bins.

Using Plastic Bags

You should know how to maintain your cat’s litter box to provide a clean place for it to be used, and find out when and how to scoop and refill the litter box.

The simplest and most common method of cat litter disposal is to use plastic bags. Most people will just scoop the litter, put it in a bag, tie, and then throw it in a bin. It is advisable to use double plastic bags to keep away the smell, and prevent breakages and consequent leaks. Numerous cat owners just reuse the bags they get after shopping.

Composting Litter

Another method that you can use for cat litter disposal is to compost it. Turning litter into compost manure is environmentally responsible, and that is why some people prefer it.

Start by buying a compost bin or if you have one for food waste, use it. It is possible to build a compost bin, but you should choose cat litter that is suitable for compost use. Clay and sand are not appropriate choices. Composting cat litter is an extensive process, and it takes time. Cat litter compost has to stay about eighteen months before it is ready to use.

Automatic Cat Boxes – Cat litter disposal cat genie

The use of automatic cat boxes has changed how people dispose of cat litter. Cat Genie litter box is one of the products in the market that cat owners are now using. This box is a self-flushing system that allows cleaning and drying of litter.

The three automatic settings on the box facilitate all major functions at the switch of a button. With the “Cat Start “setting, the self-clean delays ten minutes after a cat completes its business, then activates. The box can also go to sleep mode for 14-24 hours and then activate with the “Auto Start” function. There is also the “Push Start” setting that allows manual flushing of the box.

The Cat litter disposal cat genie uses a biodegradable sanitising solution for cleaning. It has SaniSolution cartridges that are responsible for the sanitisation. The solution can last up to 120 washes, and it breaks down the cat’s feces in the litter and also disinfects the box.

The box has a circular design, which allows accommodation for large cats. With the sidewalls in the design, the box keeps litter inside even with cats that like to kick around. The construction is solid enough to last a long while. To use the system, you must connect it to a cold water supply on one line and a drain pipe such as a toilet or sink on the other line. A purchase of the product comes with Cat Genie washable granules, GenieDome to provide privacy for the cat, SaniSolution cartridges, Genie Sidewalls, and a Genie Paw to prevent litter trailing.

Although the initial outlay on an automatic litter box like Catgenie will be more expensive, you may find yourself saving money in the long run as you will not have to continually purchase new bags of litter. This can also be a more hygienic solution to the problem of cat litter disposal.

Corner Cat Litter Tray

Cat litter trays are available in all shapes and sizes, and one of the options available to cat owners is a corner cat litter tray.

The location of the litter tray in your house is very important, as it needs to be somewhere cats are comfortable using the tray. They are very private animals so it needs to be located somewhere quiet, but it also needs to be in a convenient location for the owner to clean and change the litter tray.

Benefits of a Corner Litter Tray

If you live in a smaller house or flat, or just don’t have much space at home then you might want to consider a corner litter tray.

These trays are usually triangular in design so they will fit into all of the nooks and crannies that would not accommodate a traditional rectangular litter tray. A good corner cat litter tray will also be unobtrusive and discreet so the cat can use it easily but can be stored somewhere that it won’t be getting in the way. They will help to make the most of the space available in your home.

One thing to note about corner cat litter trays is that they can be quite small due to their triangular shape and design to fit into confined spaces. This means that they may not be suitable for larger cats, so if you have a bigger than average cat you may need to use a rectangular tray.

Recommended Corner Cat Litter Trays

Several corner cat litter trays are available, so to help you choose the most suitable litter tray for your cat we have reviewed three of the best-selling and recommended models.

Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray with Hood


Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray with HoodBuy now  £22.99


This nicely designed litter tray from Pet Brands is a fantastic corner cat litter tray as it includes everything that you need.

It is manufactured from high quality plastic so it is strong and robust, and the modern design means it is unobtrusive and discreet. This litter tray features a rim to prevent the waste spreading, and it also features a hood as well as a filter.

The triangular design means this corner litter tray will suit most locations in the house and it is 60cm wide. The depth is also generous which means it can accommodate a good amount of litter.

The Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray is lightweight and hygienic, so it is easy to clean and transport if necessary. It is available in black, red or blue for £22.99.

Clean N Tidy Corner Flip Top Hooded Loo


£55Buy now Buy now £22.99


Another recommended corner cat litter tray is this tray from Clean’N’Tidy. This litter tray also has a fresh and modern design with a triangular shape, and an excellent feature is the flip-up hood.

This allows easy access for cleaning and maintaining the tray without unclipping the whole top, while the base can be unclipped for a more thorough clean. This is a great feature which maybe should be used more often on rectangular shaped litter trays!

The translucent door provides privacy and security for the cat, while it is equipped with a charcoal filter which helps to eliminate odours. A slotted scoop is also included which can easily be stored on the inside of the roof when it is not being used.

The Clean N Tidy Corner Flip Top Hooded Loo costs around £25 and is available in several different colours including blue, green and orange.

Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray


Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray Buy now  £10.99


If you would prefer a corner litter tray without a hood, then this tray from Pet Brands would be a very good option.

It is manufactured from high quality plastic, so this means that is is strong and sturdy with a modern design. A rim is included to reduce scattering of the waste.

This corner litter tray is less expensive at £10.99 so it is great value for money and will fit into convenient litter corners in your home. It is available in a stylish blue or a vibrant red.

Corner cat litter trays are often overlooked, but with modern life become busier than ever and modern homes designed with less and less space, they look set to become increasingly popular for cat owners.

Litter tray liners

Litter tray liners are an optional accessory to cat litter trays that line the tray before it is filled with litter. This means that the messy job of emptying and cleaning the litter tray should be much easier, as the used litter can be gathered within the litter tray liner and disposed of easily.

Litter tray liners are widely available from the same manufacturers that provide the best selling litter trays, so it is usually advised to purchase the liners at the same time as the tray and to make sure they fit.  Several different types of liners are available, from basic litter tray liners to sifting cat litter liners which are also known as cat litter liners with holes.

Benefits of using Litter Tray liners

  • The main benefit of using cat litter tray liners is that they are hygienic and help to keep the litter tray clean. The liner will stop the waste and the urine from reaching the sides and the bottom of the tray, so the soiled litter is easy to remove and it provides a much more hygienic environment for your home.


  • This also makes cleaning and scrubbing the litter much easier, as the tray will have been protected from the litter and the waste. It is still recommended to give the tray a good scrub every few weeks or every month to make sure you get of all the bacteria.


  • Litter tray liners are very cheap, with a pack of 10 liners from Trixie available for just £2.68 this makes each liner extremely economical.

Disadvantages of using litter tray liners

Despite the apparent convenience and wide availability of litter tray liners, not all cat owners are keen advocates of liners as they also come with some disadvantages as below:

  • Cats have sharp claws, so this means that if they are scratching around in a litter tray with a liner then it is likely to rip or tear. This means that some of the litter or waste can escape between the liner and the bottom of the tray, making the tray more difficult to clean than if the liner wasn’t there!


  • It is important to make sure that the liner fits the litter tray correctly, as otherwise the liner can bunch up creating folds where waste can gather. This can make the tray more difficult to clean as well as being unpleasant for the cat.

Sifting litter box liners

As well as the traditional litter tray liners which keep the tray clean and easy to change, sifting litter box liners are also available.

These types of liners are cat litter liners with holes, and they allow you to ‘sift’ the litter so that the clumps remain in the bag and the clean litter is sifted back into the tray and is not wasted.

A recommended brand of sifting cat litter box liners is the Neat ‘N Tidy Litter Sifting Liners. These come in a pack of 28, so you place all of the liners in the litter tray and use with clumping litter. As you change the litter tray on a daily basis, simply lift out the top liner with the soiled clumps and the clean litter ‘sifts’ through to the next liner in the pile.

Recommended litter tray liners

A wide range of different litter box liners are available, and as liners are generally very cheap it is worth paying a little bit more for some good quality liners.

Trixie Cat Litter Tray LinersTrixie Cat Litter Tray Bags are available in a pack of 10 for £2.68, and these are tough and strong liners that will do a good job in your tray. Although no liners will be able to withstand a very sharp claw, Trixie Cat Litter Tray Bags are stronger than most and they are also a very good size.

Another good option is a pack of Gardman Scented Litter Tray liners. These are slightly more expensive at £3.89 for a pack of 20, but they are also nice and strong as well as being scented with citronella.



There are plenty more varieties of litter tray liners available, but the most important consideration is to make sure that your cat is comfortable using the tray when a liner is included.

A litter tray liner can make the job of cleaning out the litter tray more bearable, but make sure your liner fits well, it is nice and strong and it is suitable for your cat to use.