Cat litter disposal

Keeping a cat is fun, and all but you should know how to properly take care of it. Cat litter disposal is one element that you have to learn if you intend to get a cat. Leaving cat litter lying around will result in bad odour and an unhealthy environment for the occupants of the house, including the cat. For some people, it may seem easy enough when they just have to dispose the waste into a dust bin but is not always possible, especially if you use community bins.

Using Plastic Bags

You should know how to maintain your cat’s litter box to provide a clean place for it to be used, and find out when and how to scoop and refill the litter box.

The simplest and most common method of cat litter disposal is to use plastic bags. Most people will just scoop the litter, put it in a bag, tie, and then throw it in a bin. It is advisable to use double plastic bags to keep away the smell, and prevent breakages and consequent leaks. Numerous cat owners just reuse the bags they get after shopping.

Composting Litter

Another method that you can use for cat litter disposal is to compost it. Turning litter into compost manure is environmentally responsible, and that is why some people prefer it.

Start by buying a compost bin or if you have one for food waste, use it. It is possible to build a compost bin, but you should choose cat litter that is suitable for compost use. Clay and sand are not appropriate choices. Composting cat litter is an extensive process, and it takes time. Cat litter compost has to stay about eighteen months before it is ready to use.

Automatic Cat Boxes – Cat litter disposal cat genie

The use of automatic cat boxes has changed how people dispose of cat litter. Cat Genie litter box is one of the products in the market that cat owners are now using. This box is a self-flushing system that allows cleaning and drying of litter.

The three automatic settings on the box facilitate all major functions at the switch of a button. With the “Cat Start “setting, the self-clean delays ten minutes after a cat completes its business, then activates. The box can also go to sleep mode for 14-24 hours and then activate with the “Auto Start” function. There is also the “Push Start” setting that allows manual flushing of the box.

The Cat litter disposal cat genie uses a biodegradable sanitising solution for cleaning. It has SaniSolution cartridges that are responsible for the sanitisation. The solution can last up to 120 washes, and it breaks down the cat’s feces in the litter and also disinfects the box.

The box has a circular design, which allows accommodation for large cats. With the sidewalls in the design, the box keeps litter inside even with cats that like to kick around. The construction is solid enough to last a long while. To use the system, you must connect it to a cold water supply on one line and a drain pipe such as a toilet or sink on the other line. A purchase of the product comes with Cat Genie washable granules, GenieDome to provide privacy for the cat, SaniSolution cartridges, Genie Sidewalls, and a Genie Paw to prevent litter trailing.

Although the initial outlay on an automatic litter box like Catgenie will be more expensive, you may find yourself saving money in the long run as you will not have to continually purchase new bags of litter. This can also be a more hygienic solution to the problem of cat litter disposal.