How does cat litter affect pregnancy

The early stages of pregnancy can be a very exciting but also a very worrying time, and one of the concerns that many pregnant women have is becoming infected with toxoplasmosis. This is a parasitic infection that can be present in cat litter and cat feces, so if the pregnant woman comes into contact with infected … Read more

Changing cat litter

The task of changing cat litter is one that nobody enjoys, however it is an essential part of looking after your cat and keeping your home clean and tidy.How often should I be changing cat litter?The frequency that you will need to change the cat litter will depend upon several different factors, and the most … Read more

Cat Litter Mat

Choosing a good quality cat litter mat is another accessory to consider when you are choosing the best cat litter. A common problem with cat litter is ‘tracking’, which occurs when some of the litter becomes stuck to the cats paws after they have used the tray and is then trailed around the house. Litter can also … Read more

Cat litter disposal

Keeping a cat is fun, and all but you should know how to properly take care of it. Cat litter disposal is one element that you have to learn if you intend to get a cat. Leaving cat litter lying around will result in bad odour and an unhealthy environment for the occupants of the house, … Read more

Litter tray liners

Litter tray liners are an optional accessory to cat litter trays that line the tray before it is filled with litter. This means that the messy job of emptying and cleaning the litter tray should be much easier, as the used litter can be gathered within the litter tray liner and disposed of easily. Litter tray … Read more

How to litter train a kitten

There are many things to consider when you decide to bring a kitten into your home. You must make sure that you can provide a warm and loving home for her, and you must also make sure that it is the right thing for you, your family and the kitten that you decide to adopt. As … Read more