Fresh News Cat Litter

Fresh News Cat LitterFresh News Cat Litter is a top quality paper litter, offering many of the same benefits as its competitors such as Breeder Celect Cat Litter.

It is made from 100% recycled paper, which means that it is very good for the environment. The pellets are biodegradable so this saves a lot of litter from potentially going to landfill.

As it is a paper cat litter, this also means that it is dust free so it offers very low tracking. This is a great advantage over some other wood pellet or clay based litters which can get stuck to the paws of your cat.

Fresh News cat litter is free from toxins, so it is safe for kittens to use. You can read more about the best cat litter for kittens on a previous post.


The odours from the cat litter tray are a problem faced by all cat owners, and Fresh News cat litter pellets have added baking powder. This means that they mask the odours and offer excellent odour control.

As a non-clumping cat litter, Fresh News cat litter is super absorbent with soft, moisture locking pellets. In general, non-clumping cat litters will not need to be changed as often as clumping cat litters and it is especially easy to dispose of the recycled paper pellets.

Fresh News cat litter is manufactured by an American company, who also produce litters and bedding for small animals.

This means that Fresh News cat litter is not always readily available in the UK, so if you are looking for a good quality paper cat litter then Breeder Celect cat litter is an excellent option.

This has all of the same benefits and is consists of compressed cylindrical pellets. It is available for around £8 for a 10 litre bag, so if you are looking to test out a paper cat litter for your home this is a great option.

Clean N Tidy Cat Litter

Clean N Tidy Everyday Cat Litter

Clean N Tidy Everyday Cat litterBuy now   £13  (15kg)


Clean N Tidy Cat litter is one of the best clumping litters available, and is one of our recommended choices in our Ultimate Guide to Cat Litter on our home page.

Tightly bound clumps

The main reason that Clean N Tidy Cat litter is rated so highly is because it consists of very fine granules which make tightly bound clumps when they come into contact with moisture.

The clumps remain separated and loose from the rest of the litter, which makes it very easy to remove the clumps from the tray for easy disposal.


You can then top up with fresh litter without having to change the entire tray, which means you will use less litter over the long run and a bag of Clean N Tidy Cat litter should last you much longer than a similar size bag of a poorer quality litter.

Other features of Clean N Tidy cat litter are that it is almost dust free and it is formulated with a moisture activated, all natural fragrance so it conceals the odours very well.

As the litter consists of such fine granules, this means that some tracking may be possible with Clean N Tidy Cat litter if some of it gets caught in the cat’s paws.

This problem can be reduced with a good cat litter mat, but this is only really a minor downside and many users of this product have found that tracking is no more a problem with this litter as with other brands.

Clean N Tidy Cat litter is available in 2 different sizes, as you can buy 7kg for £6.49 or 15kg for £13. Although this is more expensive than many of the budget cat litters on the market, it provides excellent value for the reasons listed above as the tightly bound clumps mean that the litter will last for much longer.

This is also a much cheaper price than you will pay for some other high quality clumping cat litters such as World’s Best Cat Litter which will cost around £14 for a 6.35kg bag, making it almost twice as expensive.

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat Litter

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat LitterBuy now  £9 – £10  (7kg)


Clean N Tidy also offer an option for multiple cat litter if you have more than one cat in the home.

Although it is recommended to have a litter tray for each cat, it is recognised that this is not always possible so a multiple cat litter is a good solution in this situation.

Multiple cat litters tend to offer more clumping power, and this litter includes a specially formulated, tightly bound solution with extra strength to effectively break down odours.

This means that the litter works in a similar manner to the Everyday cat litter, as the granules form into tight clumps when they come into contact with moisture.


It is environmentally friendly and 99% dust free, and the solution includes botanical essences to reduce odours – which is essential when more than one cat is using the tray!

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat litter is available for between £8 – £10 for a 7kg bag, so makes an excellent choice for cat owners with multiple cats.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter

Breeder Celect Cat Litter


Breeder Celect Cat LitterBuy now  £8.85 (10 litres, 20 and 30 litre packs also available)


Breeder Celect Cat Litter is one of the most highly rated cat litters available and it is very popular with cat owners.

This is a paper cat litter, which is made from 99% recycled paper and comes in the form of compressed cylindrical pellets.

There is an interesting back story behind Breeder Celect Cat Litter, as the company originally collected and processed paper and cardboard for paper mills, before developing the technology to convert old newspapers into absorbency products for domestic use.


As it is a paper cat litter, then Breeder Celect Cat Litter enjoys all of the following benefits:

  • It is dust free, so it is very good for cats that have any allergies or respiratory conditions. This also means that there is no dust attracted to your cat’s paws that may then be walked around the house.
  • It is soft on cat’s paws, so it is ideal for cats with recent surgical wounds or for a declawed cat that requires soft surfaces.
  • There is no fragrance, which can be an advantage as some cats will refuse to use a litter box with scented litter.
  • The recycled newspaper pellets are good for the environment as there are no additives or chemicals, it is biodegradable and they are easy to dispose of.
  • The pellets are very absorbent, which means the tray is easy to clean.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter is also a good choice for kittens, as it is non-toxic so it is not dangerous if they ingest any of the pellets. This means that Breeder Celect and other forms of paper cat litter are much better options for kittens than some other litters such as silica cat litter.

If you do decide that this is the best cat litter for you, then it is recommended that you fill the litter tray with between 2–4 cm of litter. If you are making the transition from another type of litter, then a good idea is to sprinkle some of the paper pellets over the existing litter and then add new pellets daily.

As with all cat litters, it is important to change the litter tray on a regular basis, although it is not a good idea to flush Breeder Celect Cat Litter down the toilet as the paper pellets may expand and cause a blockage.

Maintaining the litter tray is straightforward, as you should remove waste regularly and stir the pellets to aerate. You can top up with fresh pellets, but make sure the tray is completely changed at least once a week.

Breeder Celect Cat Litter is now available in packs which feature newly designed handles making them easier to lift and carry. The packs also include an easy to pour spout, giving more control over the litter going into the tray.

Breeder Celect is available in packs of 10, 20 or 30 litres, and although it is more economical to buy the larger packs this is a lot of litter that will keep you going for quite some time.

The 10 litre pack is available for £8.99 and the 30 litre pack is priced at £15.59. These prices are similar to Bio-Catolet which is another good quality paper cat litter.

A paper cat litter won’t be the preferred choice for all cats and their owners, but those who use it on a regular basis enjoy plenty of benefits as well as knowing it is good for the health of their cat and the planet.

Ever Clean Cat Litter

Ever Clean cat litter has been around since 1987, when it was established as America’s first ever clumping cat litter.

It is now available in four different formulas, and the premium clay granules combined with the odour-neutralizing carbon means that it is still one of the leading clumping cat litters available.

Ever Clean Cat Litter Extra Strength


Ever Clean Extra Strength unscented cat litterBuy now  £15.99 (10 litres)


One of the aspects to consider when choosing the best cat litter for you and your cat is whether you prefer your litter to have a scent.

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter is available in both scented and unscented versions, and both have their pros and cons.

Although a nicely scented litter can take away the unpleasant odours of the litter tray, some cats will find the scent over powering and it may deter them from using the tray altogether. However, If you do use unscented litter then you may have to put up with some unpleasant smells!

Both of these litter use quality ingredients with a premium blend of natural minerals and clays. This means that the litter clumps together very well when it comes into contact with moisture, making it easy to scoop out of the tray and to keep on top of the waste.

The scented version of this litter includes a fresh, clean scent that is released on contact with moisture, so it only works when required. It may be worth experimenting with both versions of Ever Clean cat litter Extra Strength to find out which your cat prefers.

Available for around £15 for 10 litres, this will last you for about a month so it is certainly not the cheapest litter on the market. However, it does get great reviews and is a premium brand.

Ever Clean Multiple Cat litter


Ever Clean Multiple Cat LitterBuy now  £15.99 (10 litres)


If you have more than one cat in your home, then you will need to consider how to manage the litter trays. Do you have a litter tray for each cat or should each cat use the same tray?

The Ever Clean Multiple Cat litter is designed to solve this problem, with maximum clumping power and extra odour control. This litter uses enhanced carbon technology that eliminates odours, trapping them in the litter instead of masking them.

It also includes a paw-activated fragrance technology which release scent on demand.

It is recommended to fill the litter tray quite deeply, as although this uses more litter it keeps the litter fresh and helps you to identify the clumps. It is very economical once a deep fill has been established.

As with the Extra Strength litter, it is manufactured using premium materials so the clumps don’t break up like they may do with a cheaper litter.

It is available for the same price of £15.99 for 10 litres so should also last for around a month.

Ever Clean Less Trail Cat Litter


Ever Clean Less Trail Cat LitterBuy now £15.99 (10 litres)


This version of Ever Clean cat litter includes larger clay granules. This means they are less likely to stick to paws, so it is ideal for kittens and long haired cats reducing tracking.

The super premium clumping litter also includes the carbon technology to reduce odours, with paw activated fragrance.

If you prefer a scented litter, then Ever Clean cat litter can be purchased with several different fragrances including Lavender and Aqua Breeze. It is also available in different sizes, with 6 litre and 10 litre boxes available, so if you decide that Ever Clean cat litter is the best cat litter for you then you should be able to find a formula for your needs!


World’s Best Cat Litter

World’s Best Cat Litter


The World's Best Cat Litter Clumping FormulaBuy now  £14.99 (6.35kg)


There are many brands of cat litter available in the market, but one of the most consistently popular is World’s Best Cat Litter.

This cat litter gets fantastic reviews and it is named as if it does the business – so does the reality of The World’s Best Cat Litter live up to the hype?


Advantages of World’s Best Cat Litter

The litter is made from organic, whole kernel corn and this has several advantages over other types of litter.

Ease of use – The litter is easy to use as it is a clumping litter, so this means that the corn kernels clump together when they come into contact with moisture.

The litter forms strong and easy to scoop clumps which can then be disposed of, which is an advantage as some cheaper scooping litters will disintegrate more easily.

Organic material – As it is made from natural materials, the World’s Best Cat Litter is good for your cat and doesn’t pose any sort of danger to their health or to your well being.

Although no cat litter is completely dust free, this is as close as you will get and there are no harmful clays or dust reducing agents for your cat to ingest.

This litter would also be suitable for kittens who may be liable to ingest litter when they are in the tray. Read more about litter training for kittens.

Odour control – The large surface area of the corn means that it can effectively trap odours and limit the amount of smell produced by the litter tray. Again, it is impossible to completely remove odours from cat litter – but the World’s Best Cat Litter does a very good job!

Tracking – this is an important factor as it can be very unhygienic for litter to stick to the cat’s paws while it is in the tray.

Flushable – We have covered flushable cat litter in another post, and this litter is one of the leading brands of flushable cat litter.

The clumps from the litter tray will disintegrate again when they come into contact with the water in the toilet, so they can be safely flushed away.

Disadvantages of World’s Best Cat Litter

Cost – It is difficult to find a problem with the performance and safety of World’s Best Cat Litter, but one disadvantage is the cost.

This is not the cheapest cat litter on the market, but as with anything in life you will get what you pay for so even if it is more expensive than some other brands or cheaper, value options the benefits of performance should outweigh the extra price.

It has also been found that the litter at the bottom the litter tray can turn dusty after several scoopings. However, as with any cat litter, it is recommend to completely change the litter tray on a regular basis so if this does happen it is probably time to reload with some fresh kernels.


The World’s Best Cat Litter is available in just two different varieties which are Original formula and Extra Strength.

The Original Formula offers all of the features mentioned above, while Extra Strength offers a harder clumping, natural litter that is particularly suitable for households with multiple cats as it offers stronger odour control. As the Extra Strength litter forms larger clumps, then it cannot be flushed like Original Formula.

The World’s Best Cat Litter is available in several different sizes, but the best value available is currently a 6.35kg bag for £14.99. This should last 2-3 months for a single cat, providing fantastic value for one of the consistently best performing litters in the market!

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is an alternative option for cat owners, as it is a paper cat litter made from recycled materials such as newspapers, corrugated cardboard and reclaimed industrial sawdust.

This means that it is great for the environment, and as the pellets expand to absorb up to three times the amount of moisture compared to a traditional cat litter you will also use less of it. This will save you money as well as helping the planet.

Yesterday’s News Original Formula

Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Yesterday’s News cat litter is provided in two different products, with the first being the Original Formula. This cat litter is really easy to use, as you can see which pellets need replacing and it also scoops out easily.

Other benefits of this litter are that it is non-toxic, so it is not dangerous if the cat or kitten ingests any of the pellets. Kittens in particular are prone to doing this, so this is a much better option than some litter such as a silica cat litter.

Yesterday’s News Original Formula cat litter is soft on cat’s paws, and although you may get some tracking you should find that most of the litter remains within the box.

Another difference with clay litter is that urine is absorbed from the bottom of the litter tray, so it is advised to keep the amount of pellets fairly shallow so that it is not too difficult to find and remove the soiled litter.

This litter is currently available for around £22 for a 13.6kg bag.

Yesterday’s News Softer Texture

The Softer Texture cat litter from Yesterday’s News has all of the benefits of the Original Formula, but with the main difference being that it is made with softer texture pellets.

This means that it feels more like regular clay, so if you are thinking of making the transition from a traditional clay litter to a paper litter then this would be a very good option as the difference in texture and materials is not as great.

There is also a scented option available for the Softer Texture litter (the Original Formula is unscented), but it is still tough on odours and is designed to be low tracking.

As with all cat litters, you need to make sure that your cat will be comfortable using the litter as well as considering the environmental and other benefits that Yesterday’s News Cat Litter provides.

Although paper cat litters will not be suitable for all cats, Yesterday’s News cat litter is a fantastic option and one of the leading cat litters of this type if you think that your cat would prefer a paper litter, especially with the option of the Softer Texture available.

Catsan cat litter

Catsan cat litter is renowned for being of the highest quality, and with Catsan products having been available for over 25 years it is one of the leading brands of cat litter currently available.

Catsan cat litter is available in several different varieties, from the highly absorbent Catsan Hygiene Litter to the Catsan Smart Pack as well as clumping and natural wood options.

Catsan Hygiene Litter

Catsan Hygiene litterBuy now £10 (20kg)


Catsan Hygiene Litter is a market leading, non-clumping cat litter that keeps the litter tray clean and hygienic for your cat as well as providing optimum protection from those unpleasant odours

Consisting of natural quartz sand and chalk which gives it a clean white colour, Catsan Hygiene Litter is able to perform to these very high standards and quickly absorb and lock away a large amount of moisture like a sponge. This is due to the thousands of micropores on the surface of the litter, and maintains a noticeably cleaner tray.

As well as being extra absorbent, Catsan Hygiene Litter also neutralises the odours associated with cat litter thanks to active ingredients that prevent the growth of bacteria. This means that you should only need to fully change and clean the litter tray once or twice per week as well as removing solids as they occur. You should make sure the tray is completely dry before refilling.

Catsan Hygiene Litter is also extremely low in dust, very lightweight and easy to use – so although it can be a little more expensive than some other equivalent brands it offers great value.

A 20 litre pack of Catsan Hygiene Litter is generally available for around £10.

Catsan Smart Pack

Catsan smart packBuy now £6.99 (2 inlays)


The Catsan Smart Pack is a unique litter tray system which combines Catsan Hygiene Litter with a very absorbent micro-fleece layer which sits at the bottom of the tray.

This means that you simply have to unroll the liner over the edge of your litter tray to install the system very quickly, and when you need to change the tray you can pull the tape to make a bag which can be easily disposed.

The absorbent pad at the bottom of the tray means that the litter will stay drier for longer, and also makes the tray much cleaner and more attractive to the cat.

Catsan Hygiene Litter and the Catsan Smart Pack are both especially recommended for kittens, who benefit from having a clean and non clumping litter as discussed in our post on how to litter train a kitten.

If you are able to successfully introduce Catsan Hygiene Litter and/or the Smart Pack to your kitten then you should also find there is very little problem in continuing to use this litter as they grow into adults.

Catsan Clumping Litter

Catsan clumping litterBuy now   £8.50  (5 litres)


All cats are different, and if your cat prefers clumping litter then Catsan provide this option as well.

Litter trays of clumping litter will not need to be changed as often, and Catsan clumping litter consists of very fine clay granules that form small and firm lumps when they come into contact with moisture.

This means that it is easy to remove them from the tray when required, with only clean and dry litter remaining in the tray so there is less time for odours to develop.

It is recommended to change the entire litter tray every couple of weeks, and to give it a good clean as well!

Catsan Natural Wood Litter

A final option in the Catsan range is Catsan Natural Wood Litter, which consists of fine-pored wood granules that absorb moisture like a sponge.

The special wood essences help to prevent the development of bacteria in the litter, helping Catsan Natural Wood Litter to provide a clean and pleasant litter tray for your cat.

As the litter consists of natural wood granules, Catsan Natural Wood Litter also has the advantage of having a natural look and smell as well as being biodegradable. It is also low in dust particles.

So whether you prefer a clumping, non-clumping or natural wood product – Catsan cat litter has you covered and is one of the best quality cat litters around.

Pettex Cat Litter

Pettex is a British run, family company that has been operating for over 50 years and is one of the leading pet trade companies in the UK.

Pettex produce a number of different products for a variety of animals including bedding for hamsters and mice as well as rocks, gravel and fish food for aquatic creatures.

The company is probably best known for the range of Pettex cat litter, with many different varieties available although the signature litter is the Premium Grey Cat Litter that is one of the leading varieties of cat litter available today.

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter

Pettex Premium Grey Cat LitterPettex Premium Grey Cat Litter is a natural clay product, manufactured from pure grey fullers earth which occurs in natural sedimentary deposits. One of the main features of Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter is the unique sieving system, which enhances the clumping nature of the litter making the clumps very distinctive and easy to remove.

The original formula of this Pettex cat litter also helps to create a more economical dust free litter, and the natural minerals contained in the product help to minimise the unpleasant odours associated with cat litter.

If you are considering using this type of litter, then it may be worth investing and using a deeper litter tray. Some cats prefer to scratch in a deeper litter tray and if the level of the litter is not deep enough then the waste may sink to the bottom of the tray and not clump together properly as intended.

Pettex Premium Grey Cat Litter is available for around £6.80 for a 10kg bag.

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat LitterThere are several other types of litter available in the Pettex range, and one of the best selling and most popular is the Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter.

This is manufactured from unique recycled pine fresh wood pellets, which are highly absorbent, light to handle and easy to dispose of. It has a nice, fresh woody smell, it is easy to use as well as being economical and environmentally friendly.

One of the advantages of this type of litter is that the pellets are biodegradable so the used litter can be scooped out of the tray and placed in the food waste bin or the compost heap.

The Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter is available in a very large 30kg bag for around £10.99. This is a very large and heavy bag, but it should keep you going for a while!

Other varieties of Pettex Cat Litter include the traditional heavyweight grey clumping litter, silica cat litter and the ultra-light paper cat litter. The heavyweight grey clumping litter is ideal for high volume users, and the silica cat litter is a revolutionary product that is highly absorbent.

As with any cat litter, the type of litter and variety that you choose will also depend upon what your cat prefers. However, you can be sure of quality produce from Pettex which is one of the leading brands available today.