Outdoor Cat Litter Tray

An outdoor cat litter tray can be useful for a variety of different reasons, and although most of the litter trays available are for indoor use there are some litter boxes that are designed to be kept outside.Benefits of an Outdoor Cat Litter TrayThe main benefits of an outdoor cat litter tray are:It will reduce … Read more

Large Cat Litter Tray

Cat litter trays are available in all shapes and sizes, with options ranging from small plastic trays to trays with a hood for more privacy and automatic litter trays. We have already looked at recommended options for small cat litter trays, corner cat litter trays and outdoor cat litter trays, and there are also plenty of … Read more

Small Cat Litter Tray

Small cat litter trays may be preferred for a number of reasons, and these range from having small cats or kittens, needing a travel solution or only have limited space at home.Corner litter traysOne solution to limited space is a corner litter tray, as these are quite small and make the most of all of … Read more

Best self cleaning litter box

There is no doubt about it, changing cat litter and cleaning out the litter box is a chore that no-one really enjoys. It has to be done to keep your house free of germs, and it makes the litter box much more appealing for the cat but it is never a very appealing prospect at … Read more

Corner Cat Litter Tray

A corner cat litter tray is one of the options available to cat owners, and there is a great selection of this type of tray available! The location of the litter tray in your house is very important, as it needs to be somewhere cats are comfortable using the tray. They are very private animals so … Read more

Hooded Cat Litter Tray

There is a huge choice of cat litter trays available, and your choice of tray will depend upon the budget that you have available and the type of tray that you think your cat will prefer. We have looked at options for small cat litter trays, large litter trays and corner cat litter trays, and another … Read more