Outdoor Cat Litter Tray

An outdoor cat litter tray can be useful for a variety of different reasons, and although most of the litter trays available are for indoor use there are some litter boxes that are designed to be kept outside.

Benefits of an outdoor cat litter tray

The main benefits of an outdoor cat litter tray are:

  • It will reduce the amount of waste inside the house, even if used in conjunction with an indoor tray. This is especially useful if you have multiple cats, as it is recommended to provide at least one tray per cat.
  • Many cats don’t like using indoor litter trays, especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Although being outside is great for the cat’s wellbeing, this can mean that cat waste appears on yours or your neighbour’s garden if they don’t come inside to use the litter tray.
  • An outdoor cat litter tray is a great solution for this, as it will provide the cat with somewhere private to use the toilet while at the same time it consolidates the waste to a single area.
  • This will make cleaning the outdoor area much easier as well as providing peace of mind that your cat is not leaving their waste around the neighbourhood.

It is possible to build your own outdoor cat litter tray, but another option is this Cosmic Outdoor Cat Litter Tray by Ferplast, which is available for just over £30.

Cosmic Outdoor Cat Litter Tray

Cosmic Outdoor Cat Litter TrayBuy now  £31.95


This litter tray is made from hardy thermoplastic resin, and it features a robust hood which is waterproof so it will keep out any moisture and will protect your cat against the elements.

This newly designed tray features an innovative entrance system, which includes a tunnel to lead the cat inside. This makes it easy for the cat to access the tray, but is much more difficult for dogs you may want to keep out of the litter tray.

Inside the litter tray, there is plenty of privacy and space for even the largest of cats and the high sided base keeps the litter from spilling out.

It is also easy to clean, as the hood can be unhooked from the base during cleaning. The safe sealing system prevents the tray from opening accidentally.

This outdoor cat litter tray is the ideal solution for cats that just don’t like using indoor litter trays or if you have a problem with the cat using gardens or similar areas as a toilet. It is also a great option if you have a small dog in the household as it means they won’t be able to access the litter.

The futuristic design with black and white colours looks good on the patio, the balcony or just outside the back door – and this tray can also be used inside as it comes with an active carbon filter to prevent the spreading of odours.

If you do decide to use an outdoor cat litter tray, you will still need to decide upon the best cat litter to use in the tray. Check out our Ultimate Cat Litter Guide on our home page for tips and advice!


Large Cat Litter Tray

Cat litter trays are available in all shapes and sizes, with options ranging from small plastic trays to trays with a hood for more privacy and automatic litter trays.

We have already looked at recommended options for small cat litter trays and corner cat litter trays, and there are also plenty of options available if you are looking for a large cat litter tray.

There may be several reasons why you may require a large cat litter tray, and perhaps the most obvious of these is if you have one of the larger breeds of cat.

Some of the largest domestic breeds of cat are the Maine Coon, the Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin, Siberian and the Savannah – which is recognised as the largest domestic cat breed overall but relatively rare within the UK.

Large cat litter trays are very spacious so you may just want to treat your cat if you have extra space available where the litter tray is kept.

Some cat owners may also use a large cat litter tray if you have multiple cats – although it is recommended to have a separate litter tray for each cat if you can. This is a subject we have discussed in our post on multiple cat litter.

Best Large Cat Litter Trays

There are several large (or jumbo) sized litter trays available, so the best one for you will depend upon your budget and other factors such as whether you prefer a Hooded Litter Tray.

These types of tray have several benefits, as they offer the cat privacy and they are also more hygienic and reduce odours. However, they can be more expensive than a basic plastic tray.

Petmate Stay Fresh Litter Tray Jumbo Pearl Silver


Petmate Stay Fresh Large Litter TrayBuy now  £12.99


The most economical large cat litter tray that is recommended is the Petmate Stay Fresh Litter Tray which is available in an elegant Pearl Silver Colour.

The tray includes an easy grip rim so it is easy to pick up and empty, and it includes microban antibacterial product protection to protect against stain and odour causing bacteria. This also helps to limit odours which can be a problem with open trays like this.

This is a large litter tray with dimensions of 55cm x 43cm x 16.5cm depth, so it is large enough for a big cat to turn around and dig until their hearts content. The sides are also quite high which stops waste escaping, although the low front provides easy access for the cat.

The ribbed design, wipeable insides and high polish finish make it easy to clean and maintain, and this tray would make a subtle addition to your home.

It is available for just £12.99.


Nobby 72184 “Aseo Jumbo” Cat Litter Tray with Rim


Nobby 72184 Aseo Jumbo Litter TrayBuy now   £22 


Another open “jumbo” or large cat litter tray is this extra large tray available in a stylish navy blue.

This tray is larger than the Petmate tray, with dimensions of 67.5cm x 48cm x 28cm so it truly is a jumbo sized tray for larger cats or those which prefer more space.

It is a very deep tray which helps to stop litter escaping, although the access point at the front of the tray is low enough for cats to enter easily. The extra depth helps to stop the waste escaping from the tray or cats kicking the litter out when they dig, which can be a problem with smaller trays.

The extra size does make this tray more expensive and it is generally available for around £22.


Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan (Grey)


Catit Jumbo Hooded Litter TrayBuy now  £28.99


If your cat prefers a hooded litter tray then an excellent option is this Jumbo Hooded Cat Pan from Catit.

Hooded cat litter trays have several benefits, and as well as the obvious advantage of providing extra privacy for the cat they keep the litter contained and also limited the odours that can escape from an open litter tray.

This large cat litter tray measures 57cm x 46cm x 46.5cm, so there is plenty of space for large cats and an extra feature is that the large hood lifts up for easy cleaning.

A carbon impregnated filter traps and removes odours effectively, while the built in anchor bag helps keep the bag open while the hands are free for scooping.

Although this tray looks quite bland from the outside, it is a favourite among large cat owners that prefer hooded trays and it won’t break the bank for £28.99 considering the size of the tray and the features included.

Jumbo Sized Covered Litter Tray XXL


jumbo sized cat litter trayBuy now  £27.99


An even bigger large hooded cat litter tray is this tray which is also great for very large cats.

It measures 66.5cm x 48.5cm x 46.5cm, so it is even larger than the Catit tray. Features include a large, removable swing door, a carbon filter and removable hood.

It is available for £27.99.



These are just some of the large cat litter trays available, so if you do own a larger cat or would like to give your pet more space in their tray there should be a good option available for you.


Small Cat Litter Tray

Litter trays come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from basic plastic trays to advanced litter trays with covers and automatic filters.

There are a number of reasons why cat owners may prefer a small cat litter tray, and these range from having small cats or kittens, needing a travel solution or only have limited space at home.

Corner litter trays

One solution to limited space is a corner litter tray,, as these are quite small and make the most of all of the available space in your home. Corner litter trays can fit into all of the nooks and crannies and can also be quite discreet, offering the cat plenty of privacy.

We have reviewed some recommended corner litter trays on a previous post, as this type of tray is set to become more and more popular as people’s lives become busier and modern homes become smaller.

Litter trays for kittens

If you have just bought a kitten into your home, then litter training will be part of introducing her to being part of the family. Although it is sometimes recommended to use a standard sized litter tray for kittens (as they grow quickly), some kittens may just find these trays too big and put them off the idea of the tray.

As basic and small cat litter trays can be quite cheap, then a good way to introduce her to using the litter tray is by using a smaller tray for the first few weeks. This will get your kitten used to using the tray before upgrading to a larger tray.


Although cats don’t always make the best travellers, if you are planning to be away from home for a night or two then this would be another good reason to use a small cat litter tray. A small tray will fit into your luggage and will also be suitable for overnight visits to hotels, friends and family.

Other reasons people may prefer small cat litter trays may be if their cat is convalescing after an operation or if their cat just prefers it!

Recommended small cat litter trays

The trend seems to be for larger and larger cat litter trays now, but there are still some very good small cat litter trays available for a reasonable price.

Sharples and Grant Small Cat Litter Tray


Sharples and Grant small cat litter trayBuy now £4.88


This is one of the top rated small cat litter trays, and is fantastic value at just £54.88

It is a small and basic tray which measures around 32cm x 22cm, and is also very lightweight at just 159g.

It is made from high quality plastic and ideal if you are looking for a small cat litter tray for any of the reasons listed above.

Imac Polly Kitten Litter Tray


Imac Polly Kitten Litter TrayBuy now  £8.45


Another option is this litter tray which is made specifically for kittens. The design of the tray includes a cut out, sloped entry so this makes it easy for young kittens to enter and exit the tray. It may also be suitable for older cats that struggle to use larger trays.

The size of this tray is 35cm x 25cm x 10cm, so it is slightly larger than the Sharples and Grant tray and available in several different colours.

Small Cat Litter Tray with Rim


Small Cat Litter Tray with rimBuy now  £8.25


This litter tray is also a good option for small cats and kittens and also includes a rim. This helps to keep the litter in the tray if the cat is digging and kicking it around.

It measures 37cm x 27cm x 12cm so it will fit into small gaps around the home, and would also work well as a travel litter tray. This tray is also available in several colours and is available for just £8.25


This is just a selection of the small litter trays available today, and as with many elements of bringing a kitten or cat into your home you may need to try several options before finding the best solution.


Best self cleaning litter box

There is no doubt about it, changing cat litter and cleaning out the litter box is a chore that no-one really enjoys. It has to be done to keep your house free of germs, and it makes the litter box much more appealing for the cat but it is never a very appealing prospect at any time of the day!

One way to take much of the hassle out of changing cat litter is to use a self cleaning litter box. These devices make cleaning up after your cat much easier, and can also provide a comfortable environment for your pet.

Benefits of a self cleaning litter box

Self cleaning litter boxes have developed a lot over the last few years, so the best models are now quiet, efficient and are designed to blend in nicely with your home.

More hygienic

Self cleaning litter boxes are healthy and more hygienic as the litter is hidden out of sight and disposed of very quickly. This means there are fewer unpleasant odours, and the waste is not lying around for small children or other animals to investigate.

Saves time and money

Although some cleaning and maintenance will still be necessary, the best self cleaning litter boxes are now so efficient that you will most likely find you end up using less litter than with a normal tray. You will also spend less time scooping used litter into bags.

Privacy for your cat

Many self cleaning litter boxes are designed with a hood, or cover so this provides a private place and a homely environment for your cat. Many boxes are also nicely designed to blend in with your home.

They come in all shapes and sizes, so we have reviewed some of the most popular models below to help you with your choice of the best self cleaning litter box.

PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Petsafe ScoopFree litter tray Buy now  £159


The ScoopFree Ultra is one of the best rated self cleaning litter boxes available, using advanced technology to help dispose of the waste.

The litter box includes sensors that can tell when the cat has used the litter tray, and 20 minutes after the cat leaves the tray the automatic rake system will sweep the waste into a covered compartment that can then be disposed of.

It uses special crystal litter in a disposable tray, and the 20 minute delay means that the waste will dry out before the rake system kicks into action. It dehydrates and shrinks solid waste, and you will not have to use scoops or handle the waste at all.

The crystal litter is low tracking and uses less litter than a standard tray, however you will need to replace the tray every few weeks (which can get expensive).

This is a fantastic self cleaning litter box with a quiet but efficient motor, and the Ultra version also includes a special hood for privacy for the cat.

OurPets Smart Scoop Litter Box


OurPets SmartScoop litter box Buy now  £115


The SmartScoop Litter box also uses an automatic raking system which disposes of the litter 15 minutes after the cat has finished using the box.

This means it is easy to dispose of the waste, with a No-Touch waste bag so you don’t need to touch the soiled litter before throwing it away. This also helps to reduce odours from the waste.

The SmartScoop Litter Box is very flexible and can be used with any clumping litter, and it also does not need replacement trays this means it will be cheaper to maintain than the PetSafe Litter Box.

The product is equipped with enough carbon filters and waste bags to last for the first few months, and a litter catching mat is also included.

There are various other automatic litter boxes available such as the popular Cat Genie, which uses litter-like washable granules and automatically flushes waste and cleans itself almost like a normal toilet.

Before making your purchase you will need to be sure that your cat will adapt to a self cleaning litter box, as well as ensuring you are making the best choice for your budget and general lifestyle.


Corner Cat Litter Tray

Cat litter trays are available in all shapes and sizes, and one of the options available to cat owners is a corner cat litter tray.

The location of the litter tray in your house is very important, as it needs to be somewhere cats are comfortable using the tray. They are very private animals so it needs to be located somewhere quiet, but it also needs to be in a convenient location for the owner to clean and change the litter tray.

Benefits of a Corner Litter Tray

If you live in a smaller house or flat, or just don’t have much space at home then you might want to consider a corner litter tray.

These trays are usually triangular in design so they will fit into all of the nooks and crannies that would not accommodate a traditional rectangular litter tray. A good corner cat litter tray will also be unobtrusive and discreet so the cat can use it easily but can be stored somewhere that it won’t be getting in the way. They will help to make the most of the space available in your home.

One thing to note about corner cat litter trays is that they can be quite small due to their triangular shape and design to fit into confined spaces. This means that they may not be suitable for larger cats, so if you have a bigger than average cat you may need to use a rectangular tray.

Recommended Corner Cat Litter Trays

Several corner cat litter trays are available, so to help you choose the most suitable litter tray for your cat we have reviewed three of the best-selling and recommended models.

Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray with Hood


Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray with HoodBuy now  £22.99


This nicely designed litter tray from Pet Brands is a fantastic corner cat litter tray as it includes everything that you need.

It is manufactured from high quality plastic so it is strong and robust, and the modern design means it is unobtrusive and discreet. This litter tray features a rim to prevent the waste spreading, and it also features a hood as well as a filter.

The triangular design means this corner litter tray will suit most locations in the house and it is 60cm wide. The depth is also generous which means it can accommodate a good amount of litter.

The Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray is lightweight and hygienic, so it is easy to clean and transport if necessary. It is available in black, red or blue for £22.99.

Clean N Tidy Corner Flip Top Hooded Loo


£55Buy now Buy now £22.99


Another recommended corner cat litter tray is this tray from Clean’N’Tidy. This litter tray also has a fresh and modern design with a triangular shape, and an excellent feature is the flip-up hood.

This allows easy access for cleaning and maintaining the tray without unclipping the whole top, while the base can be unclipped for a more thorough clean. This is a great feature which maybe should be used more often on rectangular shaped litter trays!

The translucent door provides privacy and security for the cat, while it is equipped with a charcoal filter which helps to eliminate odours. A slotted scoop is also included which can easily be stored on the inside of the roof when it is not being used.

The Clean N Tidy Corner Flip Top Hooded Loo costs around £25 and is available in several different colours including blue, green and orange.

Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray


Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray Buy now  £10.99


If you would prefer a corner litter tray without a hood, then this tray from Pet Brands would be a very good option.

It is manufactured from high quality plastic, so this means that is is strong and sturdy with a modern design. A rim is included to reduce scattering of the waste.

This corner litter tray is less expensive at £10.99 so it is great value for money and will fit into convenient litter corners in your home. It is available in a stylish blue or a vibrant red.

Corner cat litter trays are often overlooked, but with modern life become busier than ever and modern homes designed with less and less space, they look set to become increasingly popular for cat owners.

Hooded Cat Litter Tray

There is a huge choice of cat litter trays available, and your choice of tray will depend upon the budget that you have available and the type of tray that you think your cat will prefer.

We have looked at options for small cat litter trays, large litter trays and corner cat litter trays, and another option is a hooded cat litter tray.

Hooded Cat Litter Trays are becoming more and more popular, as although they are slightly more expensive than a basic cat litter tray they do have several advantages.

Benefits of a Hooded Cat Litter Tray

Extra privacy – Cats are naturally private animals so they will enjoy the extra privacy that a hooded cat litter tray provides rather than having to use an open tray.

Hygiene benefits – A Hooded Cat Litter Tray also has hygiene benefits as it keeps the cat litter hidden away and stops the cat from potentially kicking litter out of the box.

Less smell – A Hooded Cat Litter Tray also helps to limit the odours associated with cat litter as most modern models are equipped with a carbon filter for this purpose.

Hooded Cat Litter Tray and Kittens

If you are considering using a Hooded Cat Litter Tray, then it is recommended to use this sort of tray as soon as the kitten arrives in your home. It is well known that cats don’t really like change, so it is best to use the preferred litter tray as soon as possible.

However, if your cat currently uses an open litter tray and you are considering the transition to a Hooded Cat Litter Tray then there are some techniques that are recommended to help with this.

A good starting point is to leave the front permanently open on the hooded tray for the first couple of days, as most trays will have the option to do this. This will give the cat time to get used to the tray without getting too stressed out about being inside the box.

Another recommended tactic is to move some of your cats favourite toys or the previous litter into the new tray. This will encourage your cat to use the tray and to become familiar with it.

Some cats will make the transition more easily than others, and most should enjoy the extra benefits of using a Hooded Cat Litter Tray once they are used to it. However, some cats will just prefer an open litter tray despite the extra privacy a hooded tray provides!

Best Hooded Cat Litter Tray

With such a wide range of Hooded Cat Litter Trays available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which tray will suit your budget and the best for your cat.

The price of Hooded Cat Litter Trays generally starts at around £10 – £15 for a basic model, increasing to over £30 for trays for models with more features. We have outlined some of our recommended models below to cover most budgets and price points.

Nobby Cat Toilet Nestor – Budget Hooded Cat Litter Tray

Nobby Cat Toilet NestorBuy now   £15 – £18


One of the best basic models is the Nobby Cat Toilet Nestor, which is available in several different colours and is generally priced at between £15 and £18.


This Hooded Cat litter tray comprises of a coloured plastic tray and white lid, which conveniently clips on the base. It comes with a carbon filter to help prevent smells, and a removable door which means that you can leave the tray open when it is being introduced to your cat.

It is available in several different colours including pink, grey, green and black.

Catit Hooded Cat Pan

Catit Hooded Cat PanBuy now  £19.50

Another great value option is the Catit Hooded Cat Pan, which is lightweight, easy to assemble and is suitable for cats of all different sizes.

The Catit Hooded Cat Pan includes a large hood which can easily be lifted out for access and cleaning, as well as a built in anchor which helps to keep the bag open and frees hands for scooping.

The litter tray also includes a built in carbon filter to prevent odours, and an easy locking slider for quick assembly.

This is one of the most popular Hooded Cat litter trays available and is generally available from £15 – £23 in Blue, Grey or Pink. A jumbo sized tray from Catit is also available for just under £25, so this would be a great option if you have a larger cat.


Rosewood Ariel Cat Toilet

Rosewood Ariel Front Opening Litter TrayBuy now  £22.50


If your budget exceeds £20 then a great option is the Rosewood Ariel Front Opening Hooded Cat Toilet. This model includes a large swing door which is ideal for the easy removal of waste, and the open front design makes this tray particularly suitable for using crystal and clumping litters.

The tray also includes a carbon filter and the deep base means it can contain a larger quantity of litter.

These are just a few of the huge variety of Hooded Cat Litter Trays available today, so there should be a make and model suitable for your home and pet.