Clean N Tidy Cat Litter

Clean N Tidy Everyday Cat litter

  • Very good quality clumping cat litter
  • You don't have to change the whole tray
  • A bag will last much longer than budget cat litters
  • 99% dust free
  • Great value compared to most expensive brands

£13 for 15kg

Clean N Tidy Cat litter is one of the best clumping litters available, and is one of our recommended choices in our Ultimate Guide to Cat Litter on our home page.

Tightly bound clumps

The main reason that Clean N Tidy Cat litter is rated so highly is because it consists of very fine granules which make tightly bound clumps when they come into contact with moisture.

The clumps remain separated and loose from the rest of the litter, which makes it very easy to remove the clumps from the tray for easy disposal.

You can then top up with fresh litter without having to change the entire tray, which means you will use less litter over the long run and a bag of Clean N Tidy Cat litter should last you much longer than a similar size bag of a poorer quality litter.

Other features of Clean N Tidy cat litter are that it is almost dust free and it is formulated with a moisture activated, all natural fragrance so it conceals the odours very well.

As the litter consists of such fine granules, this means that some tracking may be possible with Clean N Tidy Cat litter if some of it gets caught in the cat’s paws.

This problem can be reduced with a good cat litter mat, but this is only really a minor downside and many users of this product have found that tracking is no more a problem with this litter as with other brands.

Clean N Tidy Cat litter is available for £13 for a 15kg bag. Although this is more expensive than many of the budget cat litters on the market, it provides excellent value for the reasons listed above as the tightly bound clumps mean that the litter will last for much longer.

This is also a much cheaper price than you will pay for some other high quality clumping cat litters such as World’s Best Cat Litter which will cost around £14 for a 6.35kg bag, making it almost twice as expensive.

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat Litter

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat Litter

  • Offers more clumping power
  • Extra strength solution to break down odours
  • Environmentally friendly and dust free

Currently unavailable

Clean N Tidy also offer an option for multiple cat litter if you have more than one cat in the home.

Although it is recommended to have a litter tray for each cat, it is recognised that this is not always possible so a multiple cat litter is a good solution in this situation.

Multiple cat litters tend to offer more clumping power, and this litter includes a specially formulated, tightly bound solution with extra strength to effectively break down odours.

This means that the litter works in a similar manner to the Everyday cat litter, as the granules form into tight clumps when they come into contact with moisture.

It is environmentally friendly and 99% dust free, and the solution includes botanical essences to reduce odours – which is essential when more than one cat is using the tray!

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat litter is available for between £8 - £10 for a 7kg bag, so makes an excellent choice for cat owners with multiple cats.