Corner Cat Litter Tray

Cat litter trays are available in all shapes and sizes, and one of the options available to cat owners is a corner cat litter tray.

The location of the litter tray in your house is very important, as it needs to be somewhere cats are comfortable using the tray. They are very private animals so it needs to be located somewhere quiet, but it also needs to be in a convenient location for the owner to clean and change the litter tray.

Benefits of a Corner Litter Tray

If you live in a smaller house or flat, or just don’t have much space at home then you might want to consider a corner litter tray.

These trays are usually triangular in design so they will fit into all of the nooks and crannies that would not accommodate a traditional rectangular litter tray. A good corner cat litter tray will also be unobtrusive and discreet so the cat can use it easily but can be stored somewhere that it won’t be getting in the way. They will help to make the most of the space available in your home.

One thing to note about corner cat litter trays is that they can be quite small due to their triangular shape and design to fit into confined spaces. This means that they may not be suitable for larger cats, so if you have a bigger than average cat you may need to use a rectangular tray.

Recommended Corner Cat Litter Trays

Several corner cat litter trays are available, so to help you choose the most suitable litter tray for your cat we have reviewed three of the best-selling and recommended models.

Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray with Hood


Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray with HoodBuy now  £22.99


This nicely designed litter tray from Pet Brands is a fantastic corner cat litter tray as it includes everything that you need.

It is manufactured from high quality plastic so it is strong and robust, and the modern design means it is unobtrusive and discreet. This litter tray features a rim to prevent the waste spreading, and it also features a hood as well as a filter.

The triangular design means this corner litter tray will suit most locations in the house and it is 60cm wide. The depth is also generous which means it can accommodate a good amount of litter.

The Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray is lightweight and hygienic, so it is easy to clean and transport if necessary. It is available in black, red or blue for £22.99.

Clean N Tidy Corner Flip Top Hooded Loo


£55Buy now Buy now £22.99


Another recommended corner cat litter tray is this tray from Clean’N’Tidy. This litter tray also has a fresh and modern design with a triangular shape, and an excellent feature is the flip-up hood.

This allows easy access for cleaning and maintaining the tray without unclipping the whole top, while the base can be unclipped for a more thorough clean. This is a great feature which maybe should be used more often on rectangular shaped litter trays!

The translucent door provides privacy and security for the cat, while it is equipped with a charcoal filter which helps to eliminate odours. A slotted scoop is also included which can easily be stored on the inside of the roof when it is not being used.

The Clean N Tidy Corner Flip Top Hooded Loo costs around £25 and is available in several different colours including blue, green and orange.

Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray


Pet Brands Corner Litter Tray Buy now  £10.99


If you would prefer a corner litter tray without a hood, then this tray from Pet Brands would be a very good option.

It is manufactured from high quality plastic, so this means that is is strong and sturdy with a modern design. A rim is included to reduce scattering of the waste.

This corner litter tray is less expensive at £10.99 so it is great value for money and will fit into convenient litter corners in your home. It is available in a stylish blue or a vibrant red.

Corner cat litter trays are often overlooked, but with modern life become busier than ever and modern homes designed with less and less space, they look set to become increasingly popular for cat owners.