Multiple Cat Litter

Many cat owners have more than one pet, and although this trend is generally showing some signs of increasing it can cause some areas of conflict.

Cats are naturally solitary animals, but can be very adaptable to living in group conditions. There is a huge amount of advice available regarding owning more than one cat which is beyond the scope of this blog, but one area that we can concentrate on is the use of litter trays and multiple cat litter in households with more than one cat.

Multiple cat litter solutions

The best solution to having more than one cat is to offer a litter tray for every animal, with maybe an extra tray thrown in for good measure. There are several reasons to this, but the main one is that many cats will simply not want to share their litter tray.

Cats are very territorial, so some cats may block access to the tray to other cats in the household. This can cause stress related illnesses and problems for the other cats if they don’t have a safe place to use the toilet.

It is also very difficult to keep a single litter tray clean enough for multiple cats, especially if you are going to be out of the house for long periods of time.

Cats will be get very anxious if they can’t find a clean part of the litter tray and this can also cause health problems.

Best Multiple Cat Litter

Although offering a tray for every individual cat is recommended, it is recognized that this is not always possible. It may be that you live in a small flat or just don’t have the space for more than one litter tray.

Everclean Multiple Cat Litter

Everclean Multiple Cat LitterBuy now  £15.99


There are some cat litters on the market which are designed for multiple cat households, and one of the recommended brands is Everclean Multiple Cat litter.

Multiple cat litter tends to offer more clumping power, which means that it should be easier to scoop and offer more odour control.

Everclean Multiple Cat Litter is made up of premium clay granules which are bonded to an odour neutralizing carbon, so this helps to prevent liquid waste from reaching the bottom of the tray.

Scooping is less of a chore thanks to the firm and solid clumps which are formed, leaving the rest of the litter dry for further use.

Everclean multiple cat litter is available in a 10 litre bag for £15.99, but this does provide good value as a small amount of the litter should last for a long time.


Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat litter

Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat LitterBuy now  £8 – £10  (7kg)


Another option is Clean N Tidy Multiple Cat litter, which is slightly less expensive as it costs between £8 – £10 for a 7kg bag.

This litter is environmentally friendly and almost dust free, which helps to reduce the mess from cat paws. The specially designed solution including botanical essences reduces odours and is ideal for homes with more than one cat.

It offers an extra strength clumping solution, with a tightly binding litter for maximum absorption.

Owning more than one cat can be very rewarding, although special consideration should be made if you are thinking of bringing an extra cat into your home.

Making sure your cats are happy with their litter trays and the cat litter you use can help to make your cats feel comfortable in their environment, leaving you to concentrate on the pleasures and companionship that multiple cats can bring!