Paper Cat Litter

Paper cat litter is one of the many options you will come across when looking for the best litter for your cat.

This litter type contains pellets or granules of recycled paper, so it is great for the environment as well as having a whole host of other benefits.

Note that cat litters are not one-size-fits-all as you have to get one that is appropriate for your pet. Some factors like ease of cleaning, safety, and price will help you select a pet litter. With so many brands of cat litter, it doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of information on how to select one. You first need to know what to expect from the cat litter you get.

Paper Cat Litter Benefits

These types of cat litters have several advantages, one of which is that they are dust free. When selecting a cat litter, the amount of dust it produces will matter greatly.

We have already written a post about the best types of dust free cat litter, and this is important if you or your cat suffer from respiratory conditions of allergies.

As paper cat litter are dust free, this also means that it can be used when you are litter training a kitten. Although most people will use a pellet or clay based litter, you may prefer to use paper cat litter having tried a few alternatives.

This litter type is soft on cat paws, which is ideal for animals with recent surgical wounds or for a cat with declawed paws that requires soft surfaces.

A final advantage, and perhaps one of the most important is that the use of recycled newspapers is good for the environment. This not only helps the planet, but it also leads to a lack of fragrance which is a big advantage as some cats may refuse to use a scented litter box.

Cons of Paper Cat Litter

One of the cons that cat litters have is that they don’t clump. A litter that does not clump allows urine to stay where it is and makes it hard to scoop.

Recycled paper pellets are not flushable, so you cannot dispose of the litter in the toilet as you can with other types of flushable cat litter. It is also not advisable to compost this type of cat litter.

Best Paper Cat Litters

There are a number of different brands to choose from if you would like to use a paper cat litter, so we have reviewed 3 of our favourites to allow you to compare:

Breeder Celect Cat Litter

Breeder Celect Cat Litter

  • Leading brand of paper cat litter
  • Comes in the form of compressed cylindrical pellets
  • Available in 10, 20 or 30 litres
  • Easy to pour spout

£11.99 (30 litres)

One of the most highly rated paper cat litters available is Breeder Celect cat litter.

This litter is made from 99% recycled paper and comes in the form of compressed cylindrical pellets.

It offers all of the above listed benefits of paper cat litter, and it is available in packs of 10, 20 or 30 litres. The packs include newly designed handles which make them easy to lift and carry, and they also include an easy to pour spout giving you more control over the amount of litter that is used.

Bio-Catolet Cat Litter

Bio Catolet Cat Litter

  • Lightweight and dust free
  • 100% ecological paper pellets
  • Non clumping

£14 (25 litres)

Another leading brand of paper cat litter is Bio-Catolet. It contains absorbent granules from pressed waste paper, and that makes it 100% biodegradable.

The pellets are very hygienic, which is always a concern for cat owners. It also prevents insect infestations and bacterial growth.

Bio-Catolet is dust-free and offers a surface that is smooth for cat’s paws and ideal for finicky cats. The litter is lightweight making it easy to transport, and it also provides good value for money as you don't have to use a huge amount of the litter at once.

Yesterday's News Cat Litter

Yesterdays News Cat Litter

  • Good quality paper cat litter
  • Non-clumping and unscented
  • Not readily available in the UK

£11.49 (plus £20 shipping to UK)

A final options is Purina’s Yesterday’s News which includes moisture-locking, low tracking pellets. Tracking is a common problem with cat litters; and so, reducing it offers a major advantage. Its absorbency is better than that of clay litters and it also provides excellent odour control.

Yesterday’s News Cat Litter is 99.7% dust-free, which is perfect for cats with respiratory and urinal tract infections. It also makes it safe for use for asthmatic people. The cat litter does not have added scents. Yesterday’s News is safe for cats and other small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. It is not toxic in cases of accidental ingestion.

When choosing a cat litter, practice caution and consider what your pet prefers. Reading objective reviews online will aid in making comparisons of the best brands of cat litter on the market.