Silica Cat Litter

Silica cat litter is just one of the many forms of cat litter available, and it is also sometimes known as crystal cat litter. It is one of the newest forms of cat litter on the market – so what is it all about?

Silica cat litter is not as well known as other types of litter such as wood pellet cat litter or clay based cat litter. This is because it has not been around as long or as widely used – however there are plenty of brands of silica cat litter available today.

Advantages of silica cat litter

1. Absorbent material

Silica cat litter is non clumping, and it comprises of large, solid granules of sodium silicate. The silicate is a very absorbent material, so this means that the cat litter can absorb a large amount of cat urine so the tray should not need to be changed as often.

2. Ease of use

Some manufacturers claim that you can leave the tray for several weeks with a single filling of silica cat litter. In reality you will probably find that you will need to completely change the tray a couple of times a month, although one of the benefits of silica cat litter is that it is extremely easy to use so for this reason it is a good choice for automatic cat litters. Another contributing factor to the ease of use of silica cat litter is that it is very light. This makes it much easier to scoop the litter and to move the tray around.

3. Masks the smell

Another advantage of silica cat litter is that is does help to mask the odours produced by cat waste – which is an essential if you only change the tray a couple of times a month! The absorbent nature of the silica means that it is better at masking the smell than clay based litter.

4. Less dusty

One of the main complaints of cat owners regarding litter is the amount of dust that is produced, especially from clay based litters. This is another of the advantages of silica cat litter, and although it is unlikely to be completely dust free this sort of litter will produce less dust than other types.

Disadvantages of silica cat litter

Reading all of the above you must be thinking – ‘This is great, where can I get some silica cat litter?’ However, there are some drawbacks to silica cat litter as well:

1. Cost

There is no doubt about it, silica cat litter is more expensive than most other types of cat litter. This is purely down to the expensive of the material, so if you are shopping for your cat litter on a budget then you may want to consider other clay based varieties.

2. Hygiene
As mentioned above, the silica is a very absorbent material and you should only need to completely change the litter tray a couple of times a month. However, this does mean that you can have granules that have absorbed urine lying around for several weeks – which is not a very hygienic situation.

3. Your cat may not like it

Silica crystals are very crunchy underfoot, so your cat may not enjoy using the litter tray if you try using silica cat litter. As it is very light, then it is quite easy for your cat to inadvertently transfer some of the crystals from the litter tray to the floor. This can be unhygienic, especially if there are small children around and painful if you accidentally step on the crystals.

Brands of silica cat litter

Pettex Silica Cat LitterThere are plenty of options when it comes to buying silica cat litter, and one of the most popular brands is Pettex Silica Cat Litter. This is available for around £8.95 for a 7.6 litre bag, and just over £5 for a half sized version.

It is really up to you if you would like to try using silica cat litter. Although it is more expensive, some cat owners swear by this product and will not use anything else thanks to the ease of use and the reduction in dust and odour. There are some drawbacks, but most people find it is worth the money!

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