Small Cat Litter Tray

Litter trays come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from basic plastic trays to advanced litter trays with covers and automatic filters.

There are a number of reasons why cat owners may prefer a small cat litter tray, and these range from having small cats or kittens, needing a travel solution or only have limited space at home.

Corner litter trays

One solution to limited space is a corner litter tray,, as these are quite small and make the most of all of the available space in your home. Corner litter trays can fit into all of the nooks and crannies and can also be quite discreet, offering the cat plenty of privacy.

We have reviewed some recommended corner litter trays on a previous post, as this type of tray is set to become more and more popular as people’s lives become busier and modern homes become smaller.

Litter trays for kittens

If you have just bought a kitten into your home, then litter training will be part of introducing her to being part of the family. Although it is sometimes recommended to use a standard sized litter tray for kittens (as they grow quickly), some kittens may just find these trays too big and put them off the idea of the tray.

As basic and small cat litter trays can be quite cheap, then a good way to introduce her to using the litter tray is by using a smaller tray for the first few weeks. This will get your kitten used to using the tray before upgrading to a larger tray.


Although cats don’t always make the best travellers, if you are planning to be away from home for a night or two then this would be another good reason to use a small cat litter tray. A small tray will fit into your luggage and will also be suitable for overnight visits to hotels, friends and family.

Other reasons people may prefer small cat litter trays may be if their cat is convalescing after an operation or if their cat just prefers it!

Recommended small cat litter trays

The trend seems to be for larger and larger cat litter trays now, but there are still some very good small cat litter trays available for a reasonable price.

Sharples and Grant Small Cat Litter Tray


Sharples and Grant small cat litter trayBuy now £4.88


This is one of the top rated small cat litter trays, and is fantastic value at just £54.88

It is a small and basic tray which measures around 32cm x 22cm, and is also very lightweight at just 159g.

It is made from high quality plastic and ideal if you are looking for a small cat litter tray for any of the reasons listed above.

Imac Polly Kitten Litter Tray


Imac Polly Kitten Litter TrayBuy now  £8.45


Another option is this litter tray which is made specifically for kittens. The design of the tray includes a cut out, sloped entry so this makes it easy for young kittens to enter and exit the tray. It may also be suitable for older cats that struggle to use larger trays.

The size of this tray is 35cm x 25cm x 10cm, so it is slightly larger than the Sharples and Grant tray and available in several different colours.

Small Cat Litter Tray with Rim


Small Cat Litter Tray with rimBuy now  £8.25


This litter tray is also a good option for small cats and kittens and also includes a rim. This helps to keep the litter in the tray if the cat is digging and kicking it around.

It measures 37cm x 27cm x 12cm so it will fit into small gaps around the home, and would also work well as a travel litter tray. This tray is also available in several colours and is available for just £8.25


This is just a selection of the small litter trays available today, and as with many elements of bringing a kitten or cat into your home you may need to try several options before finding the best solution.