Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Wood Pellet cat litter is widely available and preferred by many cats and their owners for a variety of different reasons. It is a great choice when you are looking for the best cat litter to use.

Benefits of Wood Pellet Cat Litter

  1. Wood Pellets are absorbent

Wood Pellet Cat litter is a non clumping cat litter, and the natural elements of the wood means that the litter can absorb quite a large amount of moisture. This means that the litter does not need to be changed very often, although you will need to change a litter tray of wood pellet cat litter more regularly than silica cat litter.

2. Masks the smell

It is a natural product and this helps to mask the odours associated with cat litter. A freshly filled tray of wood pellet cat litter can actually bring a pleasant fragrance to the room – and the pellets usually hold the smell of ammonia very well.

3. It is easy to change and dispose of the litter

A tray of wood pellet cat litter will need to be replaced and the litter tray fully cleaned on a regular basis, but this is a straightforward process and also beneficial to the health of your cat. You should be able to deposit some of the used pellets onto the compost heap – so this means that it is friendlier to the environment than other litters that are clay or silica based.

4. Less Tracking

The wood pellets are usually quite large and heavy, so this means that the litter will generally track less than clumping litter. If the cat gets a large wood pellet stuck on their paw then this is easier to clean up than dusty litters.

5. Cost

Wood Pellet cat litter is also more economical than some other cat litters, especially if you are able to buy in bulk. The best brands are usually available at a very reasonable price, and there are also some very cheap brands available.

Disadvantages of Wood Pellet Cat Litter

Although it is quite difficult to document the disadvantages of wood pellet cat litter, a litter with poor quality wood pellets is likely to disintegrate quite quickly after coming into contact with moisture. This means that the pellets can turn into sawdust which remains in the box until it is cleaned.

It is also worth considering that although a good quality wood pellet cat litter has many benefits, as with any type of litter there is no guarantee that your cat will enjoy using it. This means it is important to try several different types of cat litter before you find your preference.

Wood Pellet Cat Litter Reviews

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter

  • Leading brand of wood pellet cat litter
  • Highly absorbent pellets are biodegradable
  • Available in 15 litre or 30 litre bags

You are spoilt for choice in options of this type of litter, but if you would like to use a premium brand then you could consider Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter.

This is the No 1 best selling cat litter on Amazon, and it is available in a very large bag containing 30 litres of litter or a smaller 15kg bag.

It consists of highly absorbent, recycled pine fresh wood pellets which gives the litter a fresh woody smell, and the pellets are biodegradable so they are environmentally friendly and can be disposed of on the compost heap.

Extra Select Premium Wood Based Cat Litter

  • Highly absorbent pellets made from fine ground wood
  • Made from reclaimed timber so envioronmentally friendly
  • Pine scent masks odours

This is another excellent brand of wood pellet cat litter, produced from reclaimed timber so it is good to know that no new trees or deforestation were involved in producing this litter.

It is produced from fine ground wood, which makes it super-absorbent, and the fresh smell of the natural pine helps to control any odours.

As this litter is so absorbent, it is very cost-effective and long lasting – it is also biodegradable so it can be composted after use.

RSPCA Cat Litter

RSPCA Non Clumping Wood Pellet Cat Litter

  • Endorsed by the RSPCA 
  • Used in their rescue centres
  • 100% natural wood pellets

Currently unavailable

A third option is the RSPCA Non-Clumping Wood Pellet Cat Litter which contains 100% natural wood pellets from UK forests.

This litter is endorsed by the RSPCA, so it is used in their animal rescue centres and provides similar benefits to the Pettex litter with highly absorbent and bio degradable wood pellet litter.

The pellets are a by product of a sawmill producing fence posts, so this is good to know that it is friendly to the environment as well as doing a good job of masking the smells of cat waste.

There are some cheaper makes of this type of litter available, but as with anything in life you get what you pay for so a bag of litter for under £5 is unlikely to be as good quality as those listed above.

Many cat owners swear by wood pellet cat litter, and it is an excellent option if you are looking for a non clumping, environmentally friendly way to deal with your cat waste.

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